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What's new for IBM Mobile Customer Engagement (Xtify)

Contacting Support
Web: Client Success Portal (

What did IBM announce?
On January 10th, 2017, in an effort to accelerate product development of IBM Marketing Cloud’s mobile capabilities, IBM announced it will sunset the legacy IBM Mobile Customer Engagement (MCE or Xtify) platforms. Service discontinuance is January 10, 2018. Clients will not have their services interrupted and will continue to receive service and support for the unexpired term of their agreement. Renewals after the announce date cannot extend beyond the end of service date of January 10, 2018.

For our customers currently using MCE (Xtify), we strongly encourage them to upgrade to IBM Marketing Cloud - our next-generation customer engagement platform.

Within IBM Marketing Cloud, our customers will find exciting new capabilities that they have been asking for, such as A/B testing, advanced location targeting, multi-step campaign programs, a brand new user interface, the option to add additional native channels such as email, SMS, social, and much more.

Read the official announcement here:

What factors contributed to this decision?
IBM understands that mobile can no longer operate in a silo. Most of our mobile marketing clients are now either fully integrated into a general marketing team, or manage multiple digital channels such as email, social, and display.

Since IBM acquired Xtify, the plan has always been to accelerate development of the mobile engagement product and tightly integrate it into a larger marketing platform to better serve our customers. Now that IBM Marketing Cloud’s mobile capabilities have surpassed that of the legacy MCE (Xtify) product, IBM has decided to focus its efforts towards the same direction of our clients.

Where is IBM investing?
We are proud of the investments we have made in improving our mobile engagement technology. Within the Marketing Cloud, IBM has already invested in the features that our customers have been asking for such as a new user interface, unified app inbox, A/B/n testing, real-time personalization, multi-step campaigns, advanced location features, and much more.

IBM Marketing Cloud is an industry-leading digital marketing platform designed not only for the mobile channels that exist today like mobile app messaging, SMS, email, social, and advertising, but also for the channels of the future.

In addition to campaign execution, IBM is also investing in the other stages of the marketer’s journey. IBM Marketing Cloud is the industry’s first marketing platform to blend rich segmentation, journey mapping, marketing planning, collaboration and workflow, budget and expense planning, omni-channel execution, and performance insights and reporting. A core part of IBM Marketing Cloud is our IBM Journey Designer module, which combines design, planning, and collaboration into a single tool. IBM Marketing Cloud is also an open platform, allowing for easy connections to third-party technology and data providers using our Universal Behavior Exchange.

What are the recommended next steps for current MCE (Xtify) clients?
An upgrade path has already been laid out for our customers. We strongly recommend our customers contact support to discuss the next steps to upgrade to IBM Marketing Cloud. You can contact us via the Client Success Portal ( or by emailing

We recognize that moves like these will be non-trivial for many of our clients. It is our goal to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible, and ensure success during these migrations.